NBA players often divide fans to a wide extent. Either fans hate them or they love them, and this is what adds to the excitement of the best league in the world. Especially for the NBAs superstars, they seem to polarize fans at a very high level.

But there are also players that generate the most positive fan response. Either from their play or from their on- or off-court demeanor, there are a particular number of players that seem to be loved no matter what. What is surprising is that they are not always the NBA’s top superstars. As a matter of fact, they hardly are!

Here are the top ten most likable NBA players in today’s NBA.


Mike Conley

Conley is one of the most humble and soft-spoken players in NBA history and that’s why so many fans want him to succeed. He plays defense, is a great playmaker, and truly loves the game.

He may have had a down season this year, but Conley is truly one of the most likable players that the NBA has had in a very long time.

10. Stephen Curry

How can anyone dislike Stephen Curry? At only 6’3″ and 185 lbs, the miniature player has managed to dominate a league of giants. With his unbelievable shooting and handles, he seems to capture positive fan reaction everywhere he goes.

Fans love to see the shooting and the ball swishing at the back of the net, and Curry does this better than any other player in the league right now.

9. Damian Lillard

Lillard comes across as one of the most humble superstars we have ever seen. He is soft-spoken, gentle, and very calm off the court. So of course NBA fans would have a soft spot for him.

What makes Lillard even more likable is his ability to dominate games, especially in the clutch, and is one of the best shooters in the league. Lillard can literally pull up from 30 feet and his scoring ability makes his game very attractive to watch.

8. Klay Thompson