Not once since the NBA began in 1946 has a team lost a regular-season game by 30 points and gone on to win an NBA championship. This is fact, gleaned from a search on, which any fan with even a shred of interest in league history should bookmark. Does this mean the Spurs have suddenly dropped from the ranks of legitimate contenders for the 2013 title? Spurs fans who tossed and turned all night after the sub-.500 Trail Blazers reeled off 79 second-half points in a 136-106 shredding at the AT&T Center on Friday night likely believe this to be the case. Anyone who understands the nature of an 82-game schedule knows otherwise. Here’s another historical fact with some relevance: On Memorial Day in 1985, the Celtics humiliated the Lakers 148-114 in Game 1 of the NBA Finals. Somehow, the Lakers recovered to win Game 2 at the Boston Garden and went on to take home the Larry O’Brien Trophy by winning the series in six games.