Chicago White Sox manager Tony La Russa continues to insist Yermin Mercedes was in the wrong for swinging at a 3-0 pitch in the ninth inning of Monday's 16-4 win over the Minnesota Twins.

"Do you think you need more [runs] to win, you keep pushing," La Russa told reporters Wednesday. "If you think you have enough, respect the game and opposition. Sportsmanship.''

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La Russa called the discussion around Mercedes' homer "much ado about a little bit." He added that he's not aware of any blowback from his players.

He also said his criticism of Mercedes has been done "in a very positive way."

"What did I say publicly? I said a young player made a mistake. Which, by the way, he did and we need to acknowledge it. Did I say that he's being ostracized?" La Russa said. 

La Russa also addressed comments made by White Sox ace Lance Lynn, who said: "If a position player is on the mound, there are no rules. Let's get the game over with. And if you have a problem with whatever happened, then put a pitcher out there. ... 

"The more I play this game, the more those [unwritten] rules have gone away."

La Russa said: "Lance has a locker. I have an office. ... I don't agree."