Tommy Smith, son-in-law of late Titans owner Bud Adams, is taking over as president and CEO of the franchise. Smith announced the move in a statement released by the Titans on Tuesday. Also, Susie Adams Smith and Amy Adams Hunt, Adams’ two daughters, will serve as Co-Chairpersons. Kenneth Adams IV, grandson of the late Titans owner, will join the Titans board as a Director. Adams died last Monday at the age of 90. The family released a statement on Tuesday: “As an organization, we started the year with a plan and we will continue to work towards the goals we have laid out, including a winning season, the playoffs and ultimately building a consistent winner. Through the years, our families and I have been consistently updated on all aspects of the organization from football operations to the business side from those who run those areas and we will continue those interactions on a daily basis. We will be taking all the necessary steps, in concert with the league office, to remain in compliance with league rules in our ownership structure. That process will not be immediate, but it has begun. Until we gain that approval, we will stay out of the spotlight, but know that we are directing the organization and staying informed of daily activities. The continuity and knowledge I have gained in decades of being involved with the team will aid our organization during this transition.