Kirk Gibson was discussing the wave of pitchers who have been forced to undergo Tommy John surgery this spring when the Diamondbacks manager committed a faux pas worse than talking about a no-hitter in progress. "I don't know if anybody has an answer to it," Gibson said Wednesday. "Your guess is as good as the next guy's, probably. … There are guys that have pitched for a long time and never had a problem. Look at (Bronson) Arroyo. I mean, he's throwing the ball from all over. If anybody should have it, it should be him." D'oh! Josh Rawitch, the Diamondbacks' senior vice president in charge of communications, immediately knocked three times on the wall next to which he was seated. "I probably shouldn't have said that," Gibson said, quickly realizing his mistake. He then chided Rawitch, saying, "That's not even wood, that's tin," before rapping his own knuckles three times on the wooden podium he was standing before. "Tommy John surgery" isn't a phrase you want to throw around loosely these days, particularly when it comes to the Diamondbacks. Relief pitcher Matt Reynolds underwent the elbow procedure — an ulnar-collateral ligament replacement — last season. Starting pitcher Daniel Hudson has now had it done twice.