Derrick Rose is a player that has been through a lot of obstacles throughout his career. Despite the fact that he is the youngest player to have won the MVP award, his career has been a long story of "what if" as he has been plagued with numerous injuries throughout his career. However, there is no doubt among anyone in the league that Derrick Rose is more than capable of doing great things when he's healthy, and that has been showing during these latter stages of the New York Knicks season.

Coach Tom Thibodeau has been a coach that has been present throughout Derrick Rose's career. Most people know that Rose played under Thibodeau during his time on the Bulls. After that, he helped Derrick Rose revive his career in Minnesota, and now fate has once again brought them together on the New York Knicks. Coach Tom Thibodeau has recently commented on Derrick Rose and how his game has evolved with the New York Knicks.