Over the last decade, there has been an obvious disconnect between the Chicago Cubs and Sammy Sosa. After Sosa's infamous incident to end the 2004 season and being traded before 2005, the Cubs haven't spoken nor did anything else that involves Sosa. It sounds like Cubs owner Tom Ricketts may be considering fixing the icy relationship between the team and Sosa though. I'm not a huge fan of the idea but Sosa is a huge part of Cubs history in the late-90s into the 21st century. Yes, Sosa brought a lot of people back to Major League Baseball along with Mark McGwire in 1998 with their home run chase. Sosa did hit 60 home runs in three different seasons as well and while the lingering effects of the steroid era continue to affect Sosa, I don't see any reason why the Cubs shouldn't at least make the relationship tolerable. If Ricketts want to bring Sosa back to one of the Cubs Conventions, that is his decision. I don't like the way Sosa went out though leaving in the middle of the last game.