“We’re going to win again with Eli.’’ Proclamations from head coaches do not come more defiant and definitive than those words Giants coach Tom Coughlin delivered Thursday in the wake of Eli Manning’s colossal struggles and with questions now surfacing about whether he should be benched with his confidence seemingly shattered. This was not exactly a whisper becoming a scream but on Wednesday during a conference call with Minnesota media Coughlin was asked the inevitable question that comes to head coaches of teams struggling as badly as the 0-6 Giants are: “Have you considered benching Eli?’’ “I believe I said ‘If I heard you correctly no’ ’’ Coughlin said Thursday recounting the conversation. “He’s the guy’’ Coughlin said. “We’re going to win again with Eli.’’ We are presuming Coughlin did not mean the Giants are merely going to win a few more games this season with Manning than the zero they have now beginning with Monday night’s game against the 1-4 Vikings at MetLife Stadium. We are presuming Coughlin meant the Giants are going to be winners again with Manning at quarterback the way they were during the 2007 and 2011 seasons that ended with Super Bowl parades down Broadway. The reality for Coughlin is his head coaching future — however much time remains of it — is tied to Manning’s success. Coughlin who will be 68 next season while in the final year of his contract is inextricably tied to Manning for as long as he continues coaching because the chances of him being the head coach to groom the next Giants franchise quarterback are as good as him benching Manning. Coughlin has lived with Manning and celebrated two Super Bowl titles with him and even if Manning somehow never recovers from this inexplicable slump he is in this year Coughlin’s coaching career will end with Manning.