Tom Brady will be 36 Saturday an age when most NFL veterans who are lucky to make it this far think about taking it easy during training camp or skipping the first few weeks altogether. The Falcons are allowing Tony Gonzalez 37 to take all the time off he needs this camp as long as he’s ready for Week 1. And who can forget Brett Favre’s constant waffling at the end of his career due almost entirely to his hatred of training camp? Brady though has been forced to take the opposite approach this season. Brady’s attendance in the Patriots’ offseason program had slipped in recent years as he has morphed into more of a family man and worldwide icon but this offseason was different. Brady stayed in town this spring and put in time with his new teammates earning one of 10 offseason MVP awards on Wednesday. Last week he reported to training camp four days early along with the rookies. Brady didn’t suddenly rediscover a love of conditioning drills. He knew that for the Patriots to be successful this season he better start working with his new cast of receivers who lack experience. “I’m just willing to do whatever it takes” he said.