At one point yesterday, when Tom Brady was working out separately with wide receivers Danny Amendola and Michael Jenkins, Amendola went in motion behind the Patriots quarterback, zipped across the middle on a quick slant and was hit in the hands with a bullet of a pass. “Perfect, Danny!” offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels shouted in praise. There was no need to point out when a route was run to its utmost precision with the former slot guy. It was automatic for Wes Welker. The departed receiver and Brady just clicked. Welker and Brady could perform this exercise with their eyes closed. These are different times for Brady and the Pats offense. Outside of a pair of tight ends who currently aren’t healthy enough to play in Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez, and an injured receiver in Julian Edelman, Brady has no comfort level or chemistry with anyone in his stable. So it was interesting to watch yesterday at the team’s offseason training activity, as Brady spent quite a bit of time both in side sessions and during 7-on-7 drills finding Amendola, who is a slightly bigger and more injury-prone version of Welker. For the first practice anyway, the duo didn’t look out of sync or out of sorts. They looked pretty good. There weren’t any miscues involving Amendola running to the wrong place or making a bad cut, or Brady mistiming his throws. It wasn’t unusual to see Brady talking with Amendola on the side, making gestures to illustrate points. During one segment on the field, the quarterback was instructing the receiver about his positioning on a quick screen, telling him not to step back, to just turn and the ball would be there. And naturally, the next throw was in the perfect spot. Amendola spent time with Brady on the campus of Southern Cal, running routes and trying to get into some rhythm with the QB. Yesterday was just the beginning at Gillette Stadium, as Amendola lined up pretty much in the same spots as Welker would have during the team’s second OTA session. The good news? Amendola caught the ball when it was sent in his direction. “Any time you get a jump, and you get to work with each other, that’s good,” Amendola said of the duo’s stint together at USC. “We’re getting a lot of good work in right now. That’s what’s most important.” It hasn’t taken Amendola long to notice just how great Brady is throwing the football. “I said it today, he darted me in the chest with one ball, and inside my head, I was saying, ‘This guy can really wing it,’ ” Amendola said. “That’s why he’s Tom Brady.”