Thanks to Bill Belichick's Draconian media policy you'll never hear a New England Patriots break news about the New England Patriots but breaking news about another team? That's a different story. During his weekly press conference on Wednesday Patriots quarterback Tom Brady turned into CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora and started breaking news. Brady revealed that Matt Cassel could be the Vikings starting quarterback in Week 4. The whole thing started when Brady was asked about his relationship with former Patriots backup quarterback Brian Hoyer who threw three touchdown passes in the Browns 31-27 win over the Vikings on Sunday. That question led Brady to give the following answer "We have a great relationship and a very close relationship" Brady said of Hoyer. "The backup quarterback there's only been two of us Brian and I at one time and now myself and Ryan Mallett. We have a great rapport. I'm friends with all those guys. Matt Cassel I talk to -- he may be starting this weekend." And here's the thing: Cassel may be starting this weekend. Christian Ponder -- who's in England with the Vikings right now -- revealed on Wednesday that he's dealing with a rib injury. "It's a little sore and it's going to be something I will have to work through but I threw more than I thought I would be able to" Ponder said via "We'll wait to see how this week plays out but my expectation and my hope is that I will be playing."