It’s rare. Very, very, rare. I am about to write something nice about a division rival. I can’t help it. Sometimes in the course of covering sports, something comes a long that surprises me. In this case, it’s Tom Brady and his new contract extension. It’s hard to like or even respect a division rival, their players, or anyone associated with someone who is not a part of the Miami Dolphins. If this were the New York Jets I probably would just let it go and hide in a corner…but it’s New England and as hard as I try I can’t completely despise everything about them. Maybe it’s because they simply can’t seem to win a Super Bowl these days and lose them in dramatic fashion. O.k. that comment makes me feel a little better. Today, the New England Patriots announced a contract extension for Tom Brady. The million dollar arm, the golden boy, obviously cares more about playing for the Patriots the rest of his career than he does about getting paid. The extension will put Brady in the Patriots clutches until 2017 when he turns 40 years old. It’s for 27 million. That’s 27 million over the life of the contract and not per season. Last year we saw Peyton Manning his free agency and walk away with a cool 100 million dollar deal. Brady will receive what seems like Mannings signing bonus. Brady for his part will receive a cool 3 million dollar signing bonus that he will receive now.