The date has already been circled on the calendar by so many in New England and beyond. Ticket prices for Tom Brady’s Week 4 return to Foxboro are out of sight.

So what is Brady feeling about the game of the century?

The Tampa Bay quarterback, who celebrated his team’s Super Bowl win at the White House on Tuesday, joined Jim Gray for a special SiriusXM Town Hall event that debuts Wednesday at 6 p.m. on SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Sports radio channel to discuss many topics, including his much ballyhooed matchup with his former team.

Brady, who won six championships with the Patriots over the span of two decades, left last year in free agency after not being able to come to terms with Bill Belichick and the team. He began by saying he’d be going back to Foxboro for “the last time probably in my career.”

“There’s a lot to happen between now and then, and obviously I know the challenge of beating a great team like that, a great organization, great players, so many friends that are still on the team that still are my brothers,” he said. “Unfortunately, we’re going to be on different sides of the stadium this time around.

“I’ve got a lot of familiarity playing in the stadium. You know, we’ve got to first get to training camp and see where we’re going to be and then get through the first three weeks of the year, but I’m sure it’ll be a great opportunity for me to go back to a place I know as well as anyone. It’ll be a great day for football.”