Tom Brady’s contract extension has drawn a polarizing reaction around the NFL. In all, the Patriots quarterback’s new deal is for five years and $57 million, which includes a $30 million signing bonus and essentially guarantees every dollar through the life of the deal. As long as Brady is on the Pats’ roster for the final game of the 2014 regular season, the remaining $24 million is guaranteed from 2015-17. That’s a nice shake, and Brady’s extension even cut the team a break. His salary cap hit under his previous deal would have been $21.8 million in 2013 and $21.8 million in 2014, but the reworked contract dropped the hit to $13.8 million in 2013 and $14.8 million in 2014. Brady wins because he gets a monstrous upfront payday and an ultra-rare, fully guaranteed contract. The Patriots win because they sliced away a significant cap hit and locked up their franchise quarterback for three extra years for merely an additional $27 million. The initial debate was how the league would receive the news of one of its highest-paid players taking a below-market extension. Would other high-profile quarterbacks and their agents get ticked over the notion that one of the most esteemed players in history laughed in the face of positional value? Apparently, not at all. One agent who represents several starting quarterbacks deemed the deal as “completely unique,” and a contract that other teams won’t be able to use as leverage with their own negotiations. “Never been another contract like it in NFL history,” the agent told the Herald after examining the deal. Essentially, it’s being viewed as one-of-a-kind contract that serves as a way to open cap space. Surely in the coming years, teams could remind their quarterbacks that Brady took less, reduced the value of the position and they can follow suit, but that negotiating ploy won’t get them very far. The agent said Brady’s deal will have “no impact on other quarterback deals.” If anyone would have a right to be peeved, it could be Ravens free agent Joe Flacco, but his representative echoed the thoughts of the previous agent. - See more at: