Count Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews among those players not all that impressed by the NHL's latest proposal to the union on a new collective bargaining agreement. "It's something, but it's not anything to get overly excited about," Toews said Wednesday after a news conference to promote the "Champs for Charity" game Oct. 26 at Allstate Arena. "We'll look at it and consider it and see where we go from there." The league offered a 50-50 split of hockey-related revenue Tuesday with the intention of saving an 82-game regular season that would begin Nov. 2 if a deal could be worked out within a week or so. "As long as they don't think it's like their final, drastic attempt to salvage an 82-game season," Toews said. "If they were that desperate to conserve an 82-game season and get things done, this would have been done already. There's no real effort there." NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman discussed the proposal Tuesday with reporters, and the full offer was released to the media and posted on on Wednesday, something Toews called "an interesting tactic." "They're trying to sway public opinion, and I don't think that's a secret," Toews added. "There's no coincidence that they've been so quiet and all of a sudden they come out … talking about the season starting Nov. 2. They're playing an angle there." Added Hawks forward Patrick Kane: "It's probably a good move by (the NHL) to put the offer out and make it look like they're offering us everything we want — especially to the media. But (the proposal) is a good steppingstone. It's something you can build off, and for the players union, it's something you can negotiate by now." Despite what they perceive as media spin by the NHL, players are encouraged to see some movement after negotiations had produced little since the lockout began Sept. 15.