Blackhawks fans were at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto hours before the team's Stanley Cup ring arrived. They all wanted to catch a glimpse of it. When it got there, there were cheers, chants and even a "Go, Cubs" call for Hawks president John McDonough. But the presentation was even more special for Jonathan Toews' parents. It was a replica of their son's Cup ring that was donated to the Hall of Fame by the Hawks on Saturday. "It's such a surprise," said his mother, Andree Gilbert, who found out Friday. "I've never dreamed of anything like this before. We're pretty proud." In the Hall of Fame, there are plenty of reminders of Toews' exploits from the Stanley Cup finals, the world junior championships and his membership in the Triple Gold Club (players who have won Olympic gold, world championship gold and a Stanley Cup). On the ice against the Toronto Maple Leafs, Toews was at it again. He continued his hot streak by scoring his seventh goal in five games. "It's just totally surreal," Toews' father, Bryan, said. "We came for a brief half-hour visit one time when we were in town. We just had a short visit and got a picture with him with the Cup at 13 years old.