“The rebuild is committed to. The players that fit for now and the future, their growth is going to be the primary thing. … Remember where we’re trying to get to. It’s not about here, it’s about there.” – Sharks GM Doug Wilson, June 2014 “We’re a tomorrow team … This is a phase that this organization has never gone into in the past, and maybe should have many years ago.” – Doug Wilson, June 2014 This might sound super crazy, but there are actually people who read the above quotes from San Jose Sharks GM Doug Wilson and gleaned that his team would explode its veteran core, hand the keys to the next generation of leaders and attempt to “rebuild” into a group that doesn’t pathetically surrender a 3-game lead to the Los Angeles Kings. But apparently they have it all wrong, according to master linguist and Sharks coach Todd McLellan. “The term or the word used like that can be confusing at times. I think a lot of people, especially in the media, immediately went to, 'Well, they're going to trade Thornton and Marleau.' That's not the case,” McLellan told NHL.com. “We believe that those two are part of the solution, not part of the problem. That got a lot of play media-wise. That's not what we were about. We think we have a very good hockey club and we think we need to tinker with a few things and continue to push forward." Again, this might sound extraordinarily wacky, but there are actually some people who thought Thornton and Marleau were being singled out by Wilson when he said “I want players who want to play here, not just live here”; but even Wilson’s walked that back, subsequently saying that he was speaking about “former players who might be interested in coming back to the Sharks.”