The Los Angeles Rams are arguably the most surprising story of the first quarter of the NFL's season, jumping out to a 3-1 record and looking like an entirely different franchise from the lethargic team we saw in 2016. On Sunday, they went on the road and beat the Cowboys in Dallas, serving notice for their candidacy to surprise in the NFC this season. Now they just need the fans of Los Angeles to show up to the games. Running back Todd Gurley, who is a viable MVP candidate through the first four weeks of the season, appeared on the "Rich Eisen Show" and literally begged the people of Los Angeles who are Rams fans to attend this weekend when they play the Seahawks. "Please come to our games! Please come to our games!," Gurley said. "Obviously I guess the Seahawks have had lots of success over the past few years so there's a lot of Seahawks fans. So there will probably be a lot of Seahawks fans at the game. But that doesn't matter. We're just happy to have everybody come. And obviously if you start winning, the fans will start coming. Hopefully we can take this one this weekend and they'll keep coming."