The NFL has an officiating crisis.

Those aren’t just my words. Multiple people directly involved with the NFL, at the team level, have used that phrase in recent weeks. In recent days, the Monday night misadventures of Tony Corrente caused the discussion to reach the boiling point.

Sunday’s game between the Saints and Titans underscored the point, when the latest phantom roughing-the-passer penalty was called against New Orleans, nullifying an interception in the end zone. Tennessee retained possession, and Tennessee scored a touchdown that turned a late-second-quarter tie into a 13-6 halftime lead.

It had a huge impact on the game, obviously. It contributed to the Tennessee win, definitely. But we’re also becoming desensitized to these crappy roughing calls. Indeed, we’re bracing for them, like the ever-present possibility of a flag laying on the turf after a kick return goes the distance. We now look for the roughing call when a big defensive play happens after a throw made with players gathering around the quarterback.

Did someone hit him? Will there be a flag, even if that hit wasn’t really a foul? With one or more of those horse manure decisions every week, of course we’re waiting for more road apples to cascade from the back end of Mr. Ed. (Hochuli.)