The Sixers needed more fight, an extra punch, in their lackluster loss to the Suns. All of that was sitting on the bench, and they may get it back for their next game. T.J. McConnell is hopeful he will be cleared to play Thursday against the Lakers. He has been sidelined for three games since suffering an AC joint sprain in his left shoulder last Wednesday against the Wizards. McConnell took shots for the first time on Monday. He said his range of motion is improving but it wasn't "quite where I wanted it to be." In order to play Thursday, he has to feel healthy enough to contribute. "I would really like to play Thursday," McConnell said prior to the Suns' game. "But if it's going to limit what I do, I'm not going to limit myself as a player. But I'm going to do everything I can to be ready for Thursday."