There is some concern in our community that the Lions blew it again. Some fans worry that the Lions did not do enough to help departed wide receiver Titus Young and that he will come back to haunt them. The Lions exhausted every option and there was no way to reel this guy in. The same demons that whacked him in Detroit will eventually become his undoing with the St. Louis Rams, a team that scooped him up within hours of the Lions' release. For some that is a sign that the Rams know something the Lions do not. That's not the case. There is always a coach or general manager who believes they can turn a career around. You can bet that Lions coach Jim Schwartz talked to his mentor, Jeff Fisher, and told him Young is worth a gamble. The Lions could not bring him back because Young would create an explosive dressing room that would have made last season's 4-12 season look tame. Earlier in the season, I wrote a story about Lions wide receivers coach Shawn Jefferson. Receivers loved him because he was an explosive and motivating coach. When guys relaxed, he shocked the system. I spoke to Jefferson twice for the story, for a total of 20 minutes. A good chunk of our conversation concerned Young. "He is a diamond in the rough but rough around the edges," Jefferson said. "I am trying to reach this guy. I am really trying. We bump heads." Young even admitted he could be rough to deal with but said he needed and respected Jefferson's old-school approach. I knew something was up when teammates didn't really defend Young. And this was before we learned about the punch of safety Louis Delmas. This was before he committed treason on the field or started tweeting his exit interview out of Detroit. Young was a problem from the day he stepped in. Those problems will surface at some point in St. Louis, and the Rams will grow tired of him also. From The Detroit News: