Titans linebacker Zach Brown had an outstanding rookie season, posting 93 tackles, 5.5 sacks and three interceptions. But his numbers become that much more impressive given his circumstances. Brown said Friday that he suffered a left shoulder injury in training camp and knew he would have to go under the knife. But he played in all 16 games — starting 13 — before having arthroscopic surgery. “It was messed up, so I just played through the whole season with a brace,” Brown said. “I was kind of using my right arm (to compensate) for my left because I really couldn’t extend it all that much. I still felt like it was a good season and I’m hoping to do better this year now that I can use it.” Brown is not fully recovered, but has still been able to excel in pass coverage. “My goal is not to let the tight end catch the ball,” he said. “They’ve yet to do that in OTAs, even though it’s 7-on-7s. Nobody’s caught a ball on me yet.” Pollard’s presence: The Titans signed veteran safety Bernard Pollard to bring some fire to the defense, and his passion was on full display Friday. He barked messages to other defenders, his voice clear 50 yards away. He also pegged tight end Craig Stevens in the back with a football after a play. “Tempers flare,” Pollard explained. “For y’all in the media, you see a guy do something like that and you want to say ‘He’s crazy,’ or ‘He’s a thug’ … but when you are playing a violent game like this you have to have an edge.