J.J. Watt has a uniform dream he knows will not come true. But as a fan of the game who’s studied his home city’s NFL “Luv Ya Blue” era, he dreams of wearing Oilers’ throwbacks just once.

I recently saw a tweet I thought was semi-recent, so I brought it up with Amy Adams Strunk at the owners' meetings in Phoenix. Then when I got to work on this post I discovered the Watt tweet was actually brought up in conversation but was originally from March of 2018.

This morning, DeAndre Hopkins sent out the picture above on Instagram and said, "Who would like to see this?"


Strunk's answer was unsurprising.

She also addressed the idea of the Titans wearing Oilers throwbacks, something I think would be silly for them to do anytime soon considering their heading into just their second year in their long-awaited new uniforms.