It's often hard to watch the Tennessee Titans' offense. But when it's clicking, like it was Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers for three consecutive scoring drives beginning late in the second quarter and going throughout the second half, the Titans look like the talented, diverse offensive team we thought they would be at the start of the season. We need to see more of that. It's the difference between a playoff team and one that is sitting at home to start January. The Titans' offense played well enough to win in their 25-23 loss to the 49ers. Jimmy Garoppolo going wild on the Titans' defense played a big role in the defeat, but the game wouldn't have been that tight if the up-tempo, no-huddle offense Tennessee featured in the second half had been the focus in the first half. Why is the no-huddle an underutilized subpackage when Marcus Mariota seems to excel in it? Titans receiver Rishard Matthews has a similar question. "I’d rather have Marcus calling the shots," Matthews said. "There’s proof in the success when that happens. I’d like to do no-huddle more. I know we’d all like to do it more. We definitely talk about it a lot. Sometimes we go into it a lot. Sometimes we don’t. This game we stayed in it, and I feel like we were pretty good when were in it." Multiple Titans offensive players agreed with the general basis of Matthews' assessment. There also was some agreement with Matthews' saying that the Titans got too conservative on their final offensive possession, particularly on a third-and-2 on which they essentially settled for a go-ahead field goal.