On the verge of becoming a perennial postseason contender, the Tennessee Titans aren't letting up in 2018. That's the company line held and professed by Titans general manager Jon Robinson, who told Titans director of broadcasting Mike Keith at a season-ticket holder event Monday that Tennessee won't be tepid during what looks to be a topsy-turvy offseason around the league. "We'll certainly have a lot more time to just kind of sit back and watch, but we'll be aggressive as well," Robinson said, per Jason Wolf of The Tennessean. "If there is a player that we really, really, maybe we thought he was going to go in the top 10 and for whatever reason he's slipping down the board, we'll try and position ourselves to maybe acquire the guy. Or if we get action on our pick at 25, and a team wants to come up to our pick so that we trade back, I think I have proven that I am willing to trade. "My phone line is always open." Whether this thirsty version of Robinson is just saying this as a smoke screen to appease his company's investors or whether he is truly calling on all comers is a mystery. Should he mean it, Robinson will look to convert his so-so draft capital into something roster-changing. The Titans have one selection in every round of the draft, including the aforementioned 25th selection.