In a manner of speaking, the Tennessee Titans officially close the book on the 2012 season this week. In the wake of Super Bowl XLVII, members of the scouting staff come to town for pre-combine meetings, which marks the start of final preparations for the draft. Upgrading the talent, through the draft and free agency, is a priority for a franchise that finished 6-10 and the responsibility to do so falls on second-year general manager Ruston Webster. In a conversation with The City Paper late last week, Webster declined to comment on any specific personnel decisions, such as the status of running back Chris Johnson, who will be guaranteed $9 million of his $10 million 2013 salary if he is on the roster beyond the fifth day of the new league year. However, Webster addressed the overall state of things from the aging offensive line to the development of quarterback Jake Locker and the chances the Titans actually return to the postseason in the near future. In the time since the season ended, what have you done personally to form or reaffirm your opinions on particular players and the overall roster? During the season we watch and grade every game. Yeah, I'll go back and look at our guys a little bit. But for the most part we put a grade on them every week, and I try to rely on those evaluations in making decisions, really. How did they play during the season? What did I think at that point in time? I think if you do that then you kind of find a formula that will take you to what you need to do. So we grade them every, week and I rely on those grades in making decisions. Was there anything in particular that was disappointing or surprising about last season in terms of how it did not go as planned? This isn't meant as an excuse in any way, but all the injuries … from that standpoint, it didn't work the way we wanted it to. Some of that are probably things that we could have avoided and others we couldn't have. Overall, though, I think just from a consistency standpoint, I would like to have seen us play more consistent football from game to game, play to play, week-to-week, whatever. That's an area I think that we have to get better as a team and become a more consistently good football team and a team that's pretty close to the same every week.