There are reports that the Ravens and Joe Linta, the agent for quarterback Joe Flacco, will sit down in Indianapolis this week for their first face-to-face negotiations since August. It comes not a moment too soon, either, for the clock is already ticking; the Ravens must either work out a new deal with Flacco before March 4 or apply the franchise tag. And if they decide to apply the exclusive franchise tag, it will cost them roughly $20 million toward the salary cap. Do the math, and that leaves about $101 million for the other 50 players. (Only the top 51 salaries count toward the cap.) That might seem doable until you realize that Terrell Suggs ($13M), Haloti Ngata ($11.5M) and Anquan Boldin ($7.5) eat up another $32 million in cap space. That leaves $69 million for the other 47 players. You can see where this is headed.