The final moments of most breakups often sound like this: It's not you. It's me. Oh, sure. Sometimes it really is them, but a clean getaway is often hard to pull off. So, self-blame is the strategically sound move. The Jets are nearing that moment with one of the most genuinely great people to pass through the organization in a long time. Time is running short for Josh McCown. The veteran quarterback has been much more than advertised for a wayward team. He has been a mentor, leader, positive locker-room presence and pretty damn good football player. McCown, frankly, has been the Jets MVP of the first half of the season. But a necessary transition lies ahead, a move that must be made for the betterment of the franchise. For all the terrific qualities that McCown provides, this reality remains: He's 38 years old, and therefore not the future for this franchise at the game's most important position. The Jets' feel-good first couple months shouldn't cloud the big picture: The star-crossed organization still needs to figure out what to do with Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg. The pair of young quarterbacks needs to play in real games in this new offense sooner than later. They need to prove whether they should be a part of the future. They need fair chances this season. Todd Bowles, of course, wants and needs to win games to prove that he should be a part of the future here too. If McCown beats the Falcons and Bills to improve the Jets to 5-4, it'd be a tough sell inside to change quarterbacks with a real eye on a playoff run.