If their series with the Texas Rangers over the weekend was a test of sorts, the Red Sox didn't pass, but they didn't flunk out, either, despite being swept. Now that they've been rocked a bit, the real test will come in how they respond. Their first three-game losing streak came about this way: the Sox were flat and clearly outplayed in the Friday opener, having arrived from Toronto at 4 in the morning. On the second night, mistakes -- most notably, a critical error by Will Middlebrooks -- sank them. Finally, on Sunday, the Sox went toe-to-toe with the Rangers and their No. 1 starter, Yu Darvish, only to lose in walk-off fashion when the bullpen faltered. So, the Red Sox have their first three-game losing streak of the season. Humbled? Maybe. Panic? Far from it. "We'll be fine," insisted Jon Lester, who allowed three runs over six innings and got a no-decision in Sunday's 4-3 loss. "For a bunch of guys in this clubhouse, this isn't their first go-round. Guys have been through the winning streaks and losing streaks and everywhere in-between. I wouldn't imagine it's going to be a big thing for us. "Sometimes you have to tip your hat to the other team and move on to tomorrow." Some obvious deficiencies popped up over the three games.