Jeff Carter, the Flyers' unassuming forward who is (again) one of the NHL's top scorers, is plagued by Mike Schmidt syndrome. Carter plays his sport so effortlessly that fans sometimes think he is lazy, that he doesn't care, that he coasts through games. Like Schmidt, who was known as "Mr. Cool" and received the same criticism during his Hall of Fame career with the Phillies, that is not the case. Schmidt played with grace. So does the smooth-skating Carter. Carter gets a rap for not scoring important goals - just like Schmidt used to be criticized for not hitting in the clutch. Schmidt swatted three-run homers when the game was already decided, not when it mattered the most. That was one theory many Phillies fans loved to embrace until the fabled third baseman's career was near an end. Carter scores a lot of his goals when the Flyers are ahead by a huge margin. That's the theory of many Flyers fans, who like to point out that Carter has struggled in the postseason.