Let’s imagine the Blue Jays still look formidable a month from now, formidable enough to justify a trade for the top-of-the-rotation starter that most everyone in the sport thinks they need. Someone like Cubs right-hander Jeff Samardzija or Rays left-hander David Price. Royals righty James Shields, in the outside chance that he becomes available. Phillies lefty Cliff Lee, if he returns from a strained left elbow in time to demonstrate that he is healthy to justify swallowing (gulp) the rest of his contract. Someone big. I’m getting ahead of myself — the Jays are 1-3 since a 20-4 run that followed an 18-20 start. But the Jays’ offense, at least, is legitimate, and should get even stronger if center fielder Colby Rasmus returns on schedule next week from his right hamstring injury. Besides, which team exactly is going to blow past the Jays in the AL East? The Yankees? The Red Sox? The Rays? No, the division appears weaker than it has been since at least 2000, when the Yankees finished first with 87 wins. And while a lot can happen in the seven weeks leading to the July 31 non-waiver deadline, I’ll be surprised if the Jays suddenly blow their chance to seize their first postseason appearance in 21 years. They’re going to need a starter, and I’m not talking about right-hander Brandon Morrow, who could — repeat could — return from a torn tendon sheath in his right hand by the end of July. No, I’m talking about someone to pitch Game 1 of a postseason series, a genuine difference-maker, a front-of-the-line monster.