Two protesters unfurled a banner while hanging from the upper deck of Bank of America Stadium on Monday night in an apparent protest against a North Carolina energy company. ESPN cameras showed the protesters suspended over the lower stands with climbing gear. The banner read "Dump Dominion," apparently referring to Dominion North Carolina Power, a company supported by Bank of America. A press release was published at the website taking responsibility for the banner, which was apparently the work of two people from a group called We Are Cove Point. The release explained that the protesters were calling for Bank of America to stop financing Dominion. The banner read "BoA: Dump Dominion," The protesters said Bank of America allowed "companies like Dominion to operate without checks and balances." No information has been revealed yet regarding how the protesters were able to enter stadium with the equipment necessary to rappel from the upper deck. ESPN first showed the protesters in the third quarter and they were still hanging into the fourth. Stadium officials cleared out the stands directly beneath the protesters. The protesters were eventually removed from the stadium by police, according to Will Brinson of CBS Sports.