Not-so-breaking news: Tim Tebow is not a football player. He’s a freakin’ traffic light. News cycles start and stop at the mere mention of Tebow’s name for a bevy of reasons including his historic college career a lightning-in-a-bottle stretch with the Broncos a fan-following that many rock stars would envy and equally significant he’s a nice guy who seems sincere when he says he’s just “blessed” to be the third-string quarterback on the Patriots fighting for his job. Well finally the nearly three-month long debate of “Will Tebow make the team or won’t he?” is closing in on a resolution. There’s no need to constantly refresh Twitter just yet but we’re getting there. The Pats must trim their roster from 84 players to 75 by Tuesday and Tebow will most certainly survive this round. In a worst-case scenario he’s a serviceable body capable of taking a bunch of snaps and absorbing some hits on Thursday when his club wraps up its preseason with the Giants. After that it’s a crapshoot. Most pundits expect the wannabe NFL QB to be cut before New England finalizes its 53-man opening day roster on Saturday. I remain thickheaded in my belief that he’s not going anywhere … even if he should. In two preseason appearances Tebow has completed 5-of-19 passes for 54 yards while managing to look even worse. On the plus side he’s also scampered for 61 yards on 10 carries. Considering the constant complaints over his lack of accuracy poor decision-making inability to read defenses and the fact that he holds the ball too long it’s fitting that he’s accumulated more yards on the ground than in the air. To this point he’s arguably failed to reach what were already very low expectations. Remember literally no other team offered him a job. Too bad the Jets couldn’t predict the future. Which way would Rex Ryan face while discussing Tebow? If Tebow was most anyone else any other anonymous third-stringer there wouldn’t be a question as to whether he would break camp with the team. It also wouldn’t be a story. Because of who he is – the sizable entity that he is – folks care. Millions of people care far more than the 2.4 million who follow him on Twitter. For that reason I’ve been trying to care since he arrived.