Tim Lincecum is in search of a fresh start, and the journey began in a barber's chair. Gone are the famously long locks that whipped around Lincecum's head during his windup and would be soaking wet midway through his starts. Lincecum showed up at AT&T Park on Friday with a short, neatly styled cut and eyeglasses. The glasses are nonprescription, strictly for looks. "He looks very professorial," general manager Brian Sabean said. The Giants are simply hoping the new-look Lincecum pitches like the old one, the two-time Cy Young Award winner who had a historic start to his career. That Lincecum disappeared last season, replaced by an out-of-sync starter who lost 15 games and had a 5.18 ERA. By the postseason, Lincecum wasn't even a starter. "Last year was a tough one to swallow, but I got through it," Lincecum said. "Coming to the field today and being around all these guys, it's kind of hard not to be positive. You feel like anything can happen." Lincecum was upbeat and said he decided to cut his hair in December. "It's kind of a fresh slate," he said. The scissors session wasn't the only change to Lincecum's offseason. He worked with new trainers and added weighted sleds, kettlebells and pull-ups to his offseason workout routine. He put on 8 to 10 pounds of muscle. "It's the way I put on the weight," Lincecum said. "Pound for pound, I feel like I'm back where I can be. I can be more explosive." Lincecum's weight has fluctuated in the past. He gained 30 pounds in 2011 before dropping it all before the 2012 season. The result was a mechanical mess. The muscular Lincecum who showed up Friday pleased manager Bruce Bochy, who said he's eager to get his 2012 opening day starter back on a mound. "He looks in great shape," Bochy said. "It's evident that he's been working hard. I know Timmy wants to bounce back and have a nice year, and I thought he handled himself well with the ups and downs he had last year."