You knew this was coming. You vowed not to fall for it. Now look at you. You're weak. I am too. Because when I read this ... ... my little heart went pitter-patter. What if there were a magic wand that could make Lincecum the Cy Young winner of seasons past? What if he's even better? What if, what if, what if? And the numbers "92-93" were like the combination to the gym locker of my heart. Then Lincecum got shelled. But, again, the results aren't really what matters, here. Just ask Lincecum himself, via Henry Schulman: "Mechanically, I felt really good. The timing of my arm was good. I missed a couple of pitches up high, but it’s kind of because I wanted to. Besides that it wasn’t anything too far off from where I wanted to throw it. I know, talking earlier, my front leg was my big issue. I was falling off of it. I felt today once again it was there. I didn’t feel I was getting out of whack. I was still holding my mechanics.