Man, that All-Star break really isn't as long as they say it is ... A trickle of news Thursday, leading with the big item. Bruce Bochy was asked if it's possible the Giants could skip Tim Lincecum's second start of the second half if his first one goes poorly. For the first time, Bochy didn't exactly shoot down the suggestion. "I don't want to put added pressure on him," Bochy said. "But you have to do what's right." It's easy to read between the lines. The Giants are trying to win the division, and it's not fair to the rest of the team to endlessly stick with a guy who has a 6.42 ERA. The rope isn't nearly as long for those who struggle at other positions. (Although Lincecum surely has earned the right to stay out there until the last possible moment.) Asked if another rough start could be Lincecum's last for a while, Bochy said, "We'll keep an eye on him (Saturday). We'll see how this goes."