A young philosophy professor? A high-tech hipster nerd? Elvis Costello? Mr. Peabody's friend Sherman? That was Friday's fun question: Who did Tim Lincecum look like with his new short hair and faux glasses? Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Harry Potter? But behind the fun is a serious question for the Giants: Who will Lincecum look like this season? The two-time Cy Young winning starting pitcher? The light-outs postseason reliever? The flummoxed player they saw for much of last season? It's the most intriguing subplot of the 2013 season, and Lincecum - who showed up the day before FanFest with his much-rumored clean-cut look - isn't shying away. "I'm hoping to get back on that horse, be in the center of the rotation again and restake my claim as a starting pitcher," Lincecum said. "And a good one." The hairstyle is one part of an overall makeover. "I didn't want to go through last year again," Lincecum said. "So changing my work ethic and doing the things to take care of my job and not embarrass myself - that was my mind-set."