Tim Hardaway Jr. will get a much better idea Tuesday about when he can return. The shooting guard is set to undergo tests — including an X-Ray — on a left leg that has forced him out of nine straight games because of a stress injury. When asked about his expectations following Monday’s loss to the Hornets, Hardaway Jr. said he’s avoiding them out of fear he’ll be disappointed. “However they go — the testing, X-Ray, I’m not going to get too high or low,” he said. “If I get too high, I’ll get discouraged. It’s something I don’t want to hear, I’ll be upset. It’s whatever the doctors tell me tomorrow, I’m 100 percent all in and move forward with it.” The biggest fear with Hardaway Jr.’s injury is if he developed a stress fracture. However, the 25-year-old said Monday he is “feeling a little better” and warmed up by shooting with his brace on.