“I see why everyone in [NYC] got handles now,” Tim Hardaway Jr says. “All the concrete is messed up! Cracks everywhere and shit!” It’s the day before the NBA season is scheduled to kick off and Hardaway Jr is dribbling and shooting around on a beat-up court in Harlem’s Morningside Park. Following an unseasonably warm early fall, there’s a chill to the air that reminds us that along with the grueling winter months ahead, NBA basketball is back after a fun offseason that saw superstars changing teams at a pace that had everyone’s heads spinning and Twitter feeds on fire. While Hardaway Jr works on his dribble and gets a few shots up on an uneven, net-less rim that is at least 12-feet high, I ask him what he thinks about all the moves that went down—in particular the heavy roster turnover that took place in Cleveland. “Oh, they’re gonna be tough,” he says. “Especially once IT gets back from injury.” As he rises for another picturesque jump shot, I remind him that Dwyane Wade recently signed with the team, too. Instead of letting go of the rock at the apex of his jumper, he holds on to the ball and shoots me a bewildered look as his Jordan Vs hit the ground. “Yo!” he exclaims. “I forgot about that. Crazy.” It was that kind of offseason. Slightly lost in the shuffle was the big deal that brought Hardaway Jr back to New York. In July, the shooting guard inked a four-year, $71 million contract with the Knicks, the organization that drafted him in 2013. While some pundits scratched their heads at the deal, the 25-year-old readied himself to begin his second stint as a Knick.