Tim Duncan retired a Spurs legend. He had his jersey retired and is beloved by fans everywhere. He's one of the now-rare cases of a great player that spent his entire career with one team. However, while a player as great as Duncan was always destined for greatness, there was a slight chance we could have seen him play elsewhere. Duncan was a free agent in the summer of 2000 and his final decision came down to two teams. He could either stay with the Spurs, where he won a championship, or go to Orlando and start something new there. He would've had Grant Hill at his side, who the Magic just recently signed. Orlando signed Tracy McGrady as well later in that same free agency period. Of course, everybody knows how the story ends. It's a close decision, but Duncan decides San Antonio is the place for him and stays. Hill can't get through injuries in Orlando and McGrady forces his way out of Orlando after a horrendous 19-win season in 2004. One has to wonder what it would have been like had he stayed. According to Bruce Bowen, Tim Duncan's longtime teammate with the Spurs and current play-by-play man for the Clippers, the chances of seeing that happen were far closer than anybody realized. During Wednesday's Suns-Clippers broadcast, Bowen shared a story about Duncan's free agency meeting with then-Orlando coach Doc Rivers.