Tim Duncan was not an All-Star this season. It was just hard to tell Saturday night when the 15th-year pro devastated the Suns early in the game. Steve Nash was not an All-Star last season. It was just hard to tell by the end of the season when he led the NBA in assists. As Duncan closes in on 36 in two weeks and Nash settles in at 38, it is hard telling where they have slipped with Duncan producing at a rate similar to six years ago and Nash has shot at the best rate of his career. "Steve and Tim are like carbon copies of each other, like fine wine," Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said. "In the later stages of their careers, they're both playing great. Timmy has been Mr. Steady all year long and bringing it every night and so has Steve. Now here down the stretch, they're both stepping it up even more. The way they're playing and their leadership, they remind me of each other." They had polar opposite results Saturday when Duncan had 11 points in the first 4:19 and Nash left the game for good after tweaking his hip 5:20 into the game. The two-time Most Valuable Players will also still be elite free agents this summer. "The big thing is they're probably the two most low-maintenance superstars to ever play the game," Suns Coach Alvin Gentry said. "I think Tim is just Tim. All of this NBA stuff doesn't affect him at all. I think Steve is the same way. They like they're teammates. They like playing. They like the competition. I don't think they get caught up in who is on the NBA first team or who is the MVP."