The San Antonio Spurs have a pretty easy matchup slated for them tomorrow against the Charlotte Bobcats, so it probably won't matter whether or not Tim Duncan plays. After all, the Spurs managed to knock off the Dallas Mavericks without both Duncan and Gregg Popovich on the sideline, although Popivch is, in all honesty, less important to the team when out for a game or two. The system is already firmly entrenched for an NBA team, and this is especially true for the Spurs. They have one of the best assistant coaches in the game in Mike Budenholzer and some have rumored that Budenholzer could become the next head man in San Antonio. But, I'm getting off topic here. Popovich will be back on the sidelines for the Spurs tomorrow against the Bobcats, and it's great to hear that the illness has subsided. Meanwhile, Tim Duncan's return to the team might have to wait, and another absence for Duncan will make Spurs fans worry a little more about Duncan's knee.