Having been with the Rays organization — through good times and bad — since being the top pick of the 2008 draft, Tim Beckham didn't know what to do after being told Monday he was traded to the Orioles. "Shocked," Beckham said. "Crazy part about it, I walked out of the office, I was like I didn't know which way to go. Kind of a crazy feeling. Never had this feeling before." Talking about the Rays as "we" then catching himself and saying "they," Beckham said he appreciated the chance to play every day this year, thanked the fans for their support and wished his ex-mates well. "And now it's on to a new chapter," he said. But noting that the Orioles and Rays have two more series remaining this season, Beckham said he already was "looking forward" to playing against them. "To come into town in a couple weeks and compete against these guys, it's going to be fun," he said. "Hope they're looking forward to it. I definitely am, so let's get after it." The Rays made the move to give Brad Miller more opportunity at second base, but Beckham wasn't concerned with the specifics.