The Ottawa Senators rolled into their Montreal hotel after 1 a.m. Saturday morning, fresh off a 1-0 loss to the Carolina Hurricanes a few hours earlier and staring down another practice less than 10 hours later. Just over 24 hours after that, they were set to face off against the Canadiens in Montreal before heading back to Ottawa to prepare for the Buffalo Sabres on Tuesday. Such is life in this lockout-shortened season, where there isn't time to dwell over wins or losses. After running his troops though a brisk 30 minute skate at the Bell Centre here, Paul MacLean explained his rationale for skipping a potential day off. "I think with the (2 p.m. game Sunday), there's no pre-game skate and it's important that you keep the motor running," he said. "If we didn't skate today, we might not have an opportunity, so we want to make sure we're ready to skate when the game starts tomorrow afternoon. "We weren't out there very long, but we feel that it keeps the motor running and it'll have us ready to skate tomorrow."