Victor Martinez is working hard. Both of him. Like all switch-hitters, Martinez is really two hitters: the right-handed hitter and the left-handed hitter. Both require constant maintenance. One can be cold and the other can be hot. Right now for Martinez, both are cold: Left-handed, he’s at .174 with three RBIs. Right-handed, he’s at .200 with one RBI. Asked if he’s working on anything particular right now with his hitting, Martinez said, “I’m always working, the whole year. I always work. Always.” Last Wednesday, he smoked two balls off the mostly untouchable Felix Hernandez. He started both Tigers scoring rallies in that win: one with a laser off Hernandez that was unfairly ruled an error and Monday was changed to a single by Major League Baseball, the other with a 14th-inning single. There were 40 strikeouts in the game, and Martinez was the only starter on either side who didn’t strike out. He feels that’s not the only game where he deserved more hits than he got. “I can’t do anything after I hit the ball,” Martinez said. “I think everybody is watching the games. I’ve been hitting the ball good. They’ve just been getting caught.” But he also acknowledged, “I’m leaving a lot of guys in scoring position.” In his 0-for-6 in Sunday’s extra-inning loss to the Angels, he hit one ball hard, but he struck out and flied out with the bases loaded.