Often, when a ballplayer returns to his old workplace, it doesn't go so well. He might have left town on bad terms. He might have been a pitcher who threw too many fastballs that ended up in the seats. Maybe he was a hitter who waved at a two-strike pitch at the worst possible moment (Casey had problems with the home crowd after a particular whiff in Mudville). Or, if he left for a different town - a rival town - for a grand sum of cash, then going home, particularly if it is Boston's Fenway Park, won't be a picnic. Just ask Johnny Damon how it went for him after he shed Red Sox togs for Yankees pinstripes following the 2005 season. It's Victor Martinez's turn to see what his old fans and teammates have to say about a man who no longer plays for them. With Detroit in Boston tonight and Thursday, Martinez will step onto a field where he played for the Red Sox from July 2009 through last year before signing a four-year, $50 million deal with the Tigers. What can he expect? How will he deal with Boston, and Boston with him? "To be honest, I just don't know," Martinez said, taking a break from his iPad as he sat in the clubhouse ahead of Monday's Tigers-Blue Jays game at Comerica Park. "I don't know how they (Red Sox fans) are going to look at it.