Torii Hunter has done it twice — at least — in a friendly way. The second time was in the finale against the Angels in Anaheim, Calif. While speaking with the media about what's expected, he made it clear the Tigers don't want to put anything off until later that they could possibly do sooner. Such as taking over the division lead? "We might be a little tired, but you can't have excuses. " Hunter said. "We have to take (Monday) off, relax, get a steak and come back (today). "Like I tell you all the time, we don't want to keep saying, 'We have time.' We want to do it now." Martinez gets a boost Victor Martinez has been struggling, but he's not hitting .167 anymore. He's hitting .182. After going 0-for-10 the last two games in Anaheim, Martinez got a 15-point bump without strolling to the plate. A hit was changed from an error charged to Seattle shortstop Brendan Ryan last Wednesday — a hard shot Ryan couldn't handle. Manager Jim Leyland said the next day they were going through "all the proper channels" to get the call changed.