This is not going to be easy. Look at the Tigers' star-laden roster and try to find issues to passionately debate. Oh, something will surface during a long summer, but right now, we're down to a few legitimate questions. Can rookie reliever Bruce Rondon close games? Will they even need a closer when they're leading 9-1 every night? Who will be the No. 5 starter? Will they even need a No. 5 starter with the top four throwing three-hit shutouts every other night? I'm kidding, mostly. But I'm not kidding about the roster, which is so set, Jim Leyland actually might miss the days of fans and media griping about his lineup. "Dave (Dombrowski) is making it easier for me," Leyland said at TigerFest Saturday. "Most people would say, 'Why doesn't he play this guy or that guy,' but now it's pretty simple. I mean, does anybody here not want to lead off Austin Jackson, hit Torii Hunter second, hit Miguel Cabrera third, hit Prince Fielder fourth, hit Victor Martinez fifth? You don't have to go to Harvard to figure that out, do you?" Nope. Even I can figure out the Tigers are World Series contenders again, and this time, they really mean it. Consider the concerns just a year ago: They weren't set or didn't have their current first baseman (Fielder), second baseman (Omar Infante), third baseman (Cabrera), right fielder (Hunter), left fielder (Andy Dirks), fourth starter (Anibal Sanchez), or designated hitter (Martinez).