Alex Wilson has turned spring training into a grand camping adventure.

Wilson, who rejoined the Detroit Tigers on a minor league contract, is staying in a 42-foot, fifth-wheel camper in a parking lot outside Joker Marchant Stadium.

But I hesitate to use the term camping. Camping is going to a state park, sleeping in a tent, next to a fire pit, battling mosquitoes and eating roasted marshmallows and s’mores.

But this? This is not camping.

“This thing is like a luxury studio apartment,” Wilson said.

His rig has a full-sized refrigerator, several TVs and three king-sized beds. 

“Literally, it’s right outside the fenced-in area,” Wilson said. “You can’t miss it. I’m the one with the barbecue pit behind it. A few guys have come over and hung out a little bit.”

It took Wilson 17 hours to pull it from Texas.