No harm, no foul. A potential storm for the Tigers — the possibility a teammate insulted Triple Crown winner Miguel Cabrera — passed Wednesday with no ruffled feathers. At least, none that lasted long enough to cause a problem. In a Yahoo! Sports story, Tigers reliever Octavio Dotel was quoted as saying he did not consider Cabrera a team leader. The story also said Dotel didn't consider Justin Verlander or Prince Fielder leaders, either, but there were no direct quotes about those players. The gist of it, the part in which Dotel elaborated, was about Cabrera. And so were the ensuing headlines. In a clubhouse of a higher-strung team, such comments might have rocked the boat. Instead, the Tigers rolled with them. But most of all, they rose above them. Saying his words hadn't come out the way he meant them, Dotel apologized to Cabrera and his teammates before Wednesday's workout. As a sign that all is well, Cabrera said he was, "good with it." And manager Jim Leyland, when asked if the storm had passed, said he didn't even consider it a storm. But it certainly had the makings of one. Dotel, of course, is one of the more vocal Tigers. With Jose Valverde no longer on the team, Dotel, in his second year, is probably the loudest Tigers player. He kids with teammates and the media, and he's always saying something. But he's no kid. At 39, Dotel has been around. The Tigers are his 13th team. From The Detroit News: